Prp Facelift & Botox

About Botox

What is Botox

 BOTOX® or Botox® Cosmetic is a natural, safe, highly purified protein derived from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria which has been in medical use close to 30 years.


Botox is a relatively simple; virtually pain free, 10 minute “lunch time” treatment that will dramatically smooth even your toughest active wrinkles within a few days. No recovery time is needed and most people return to work immediately. 

 Minute amounts of Botox are injected with a tiny needle into the specific points of the muscles causing YOUR wrinkles. The Botox then temporarily interferes with the ability of nerve impulses to cause contractions in those specific muscle areas. By relaxing these specific parts of the underlying frowning muscles, Botox smoothes active facial lines and wrinkles. 

A beautifully rested, smooth, wrinkle-free skin above these muscles and a more placid younger look gradually appears within 3-7 days after the injection. Depending on the individual, the smoothing effect can last 4 to 6 months following which the wrinkling muscles slowly regain their strength and reproduce the wrinkles. 

Botox Can Correct These Issues


  • Smooth horizontal forehead wrinkles (“Frown Lines”)
  • Smooth the “Crow’s feet” wrinkles along the side corners of the eyes
  • Smooth “Bunny Lines”, the ugly wrinkles on the upper bridge of the nose resulting from snarling or scrunching the nose
  • Smooth Vertical Lip lives (“Smokers’ Lines")
  • Lift and arch the Eye Brows 
  • Lift down turned corners of the mouth, giving a more youthful up turned appearance
  • Correct a “Gummy Smile” by lowering an overly lifted upper lip exposing the upper gum
  • Lift Droopy Noses associated with smiling
  • Smooth contracted ball like chins
  • Relax and correct prominence of the Masseter (chewing) muscle and reduce pain from tooth grinding
  • Correct the Prominence of Neck Cords or Platysmal Bands (“Turkey Neck”)
  • A combination of several of the items above used in conjunction with wrinkle fillers is also called a LIQUID FACE LIFT
  • Correct and dry up excessive armpit sweating (hyperhydrosis)


 Botox cost is based upon how many units you need to accomplish the result you want.  

Cost: $12.00 per unit

Sample Procedures and Units Required on Average:

Forehead Lines: 30 units - $360.00
Frown Lines: 20 Units - $240.00
Eyebrow Shaping: 20 units - $240.00
Crows Feet: 20 Units - $240.00
Bunny Lines: 10 Units - $120.00
Gummy Smiles: 10 Units - $120.00
Lip Lines / Thicken Lip: 10 Units - $120.00
Dimpled Chin: 10 Units - $120.00
Marionette Lines / Sad Smile: 10 Units - $120.00
Platysmal Bands / Neck: 50 Units - $600.00

NOTE: these are estimates, you may need less or more